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Reversing The Flow

Mi Recipes is an app that helps you make the most of the food you eat.


This starts by reversing the familiar process of buying food and then deciding what to cook. Now, you can decide what food to enjoy and then easily purchase only the food you need.

We think this helps you to eat smarter and waste less.

Key Features:

Store your own Recipes and find new Recipes​ shared by other users!

Plan your Meals and view them all in a familiar calendar layout!

Get inspired on what to cook based on what you have in!

Keep track of your daily nutritional intake!

What Users Are Already Saying...

Mi Recipes has allowed me to track my daily nutrition and cook food more easily than ever before.

S. Tagg

I've been able to easily find and cook new recipes for my family, as well as see what food I need to buy.

J. Woodbridge

I can now collate all of my favourite meals in one place to easily follow when I want to cook again.

C. Ellison

Hungry For More?...

You can start using Mi Recipes from just £4.99/month and cancel anytime.

By being built in the Ninox platform, any existing Ninox users can use Mi Recipes from £4.99. If you are not yet a Ninox user, you can still use Mi Recipes from £9.99/month

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